Great Chinese Delivered Hot Fast and Fresh.

The Ho-Lee-Chow concept capitalizes on the biggest remaining opportunity in the quick service industry. We cater to the North American love of Chinese Food with a quality product and impeccable standards of preparation and delivery. It is fresh, low in additives and free of MSG. It is prepared and delivered hot, fast and fresh. It is attractive, delicious and healthful-an excellent meal choice. The Menu is easy to use, nicely varied and designed to appeal to a wide range of family tastes. The Franchised outlets are clean and efficient and the entire system is based on consistancy, reliable ordering and fast delivery. All at a reasonable price. Ho-Lee-Chow takes direct aim at the considerable weaknesses of existing Chinese Food, burger, chicken and pizza operations and offers the market an appealing alternative. At Ho-Lee-Chow, you don`t have to be Chinese to own a Franchise because ``Our System is the Secret``.

Civic Address:  465-3333
We Deliver
Burlington, ON
Postal Address:  465-3333
We Deliver
Burlington, ON
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Phone:   416-778-8028
TollFree:   1-800-465-3324
Fax:   416-778-6818
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