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Scott & Associates have been providing change management since 1985. We are a group of human resource specialists with diverse experience in the areas of Organizational Development, Executive Recruitment and Coaching, Career Counseling, Human Resources and Implementation, and Training & Development. Scott & Associates develop customized programs for individuals and corporations. It is our creed that "Your success is our success" and our personalized attention to your needs, supported by extensive practical experience, will positively enhance your transition. Scott and Associates are independent business consultants. Our history is meeting corporate client objectives through an in-depth analysis and appreciation of your current and future circumstance, developing a project proposal directed at meeting your requirements and implementing a customized program (individual and/or group) that will alleviate your immediate and future challenges. The program may be in the form of Executive and/or management coaching, group facilitation, strategic development, training and team building, performance management, organizational development, policy and/or protocol design and strategic recruitment. Scott and Associates are the essential ingredient to compliment and enhance your organization to maximize each partners potential and contribution. As a corporate client, you will have access to experienced human resource, business and transition specialists, precision recruitment of long-term contributors, and customized training programs to meet your development needs.

Civic Address:  1303 Knights Bridge Court
Burlington, ON
L7P 3K8
Postal Address:  1303 Knights Bridge Court
Burlington, ON
L7P 3K8
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Phone:   905 320 0991
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