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PAB represents a large and diverse membership from the Burlington and Hamilton performing arts communities. Through programming and working with member groups, PAB provides opportunities for residents to participate in and explore the realm of local theatre, music, and dance. Performing Arts Burlington:

  • communicates performing arts and cultural information
    Burlington! On Stage! is Performing Arts Burlington's newsletter. It is used to inform our members and the community about performing arts and cultural events and activities. The newsletter contains articles, stories and performance and event listings. We produce 1,000-1,500 copies, which are mailed to the membership and racked at libraries, recreation centres, theatres, tourism locations, Burlington businesses and at our office on Locust Street. The newsletter is free and members receive their copies via mail or email. Click here to read past newsletters.
  • publicizes and markets member programs and activities
  • hosts development workshops for performers and performing arts organizations
    PAB's Arts Development Program features a menu of workshops that aim to help groups and artists break patterns of crisis management and increase satisfaction in their performing practices and careers. These workshops use an integrated approach to cover the topics of board development, marketing/public relations and fundraising, with a particular emphasis on strategic planning Please email workshop questions to or call our Executive Director, Pam Eddenden at 905-631-6666.
  • maintains a database of performers and resources
    We maintain a database of performers and performing groups in order to pass along the information to interested clientele. PAB has a privacy policy linked to membership and does not give out contact information without the express permission of the performer.
  • supports the development and successful operation of Burlington's Performing Arts Centre project
  • grant information support click here for links to granting agencies
  • fosters the development of a dynamic cultural environment.
    We speak to key issues affecting our community, our members and the performing arts in general. As part of the City of Burlington's strategic planning process, PAB made a presentation in May of 2007 to the City's Strategic Planning Team. The Performing Arts Burlington presentation focused on - the establishment of a coordinated leadership mechanism for the Burlington arts community; the focused implementation of the Cultural Strategy; the completion of the Performing Arts Centre to a high standard of technical excellence and utility - issues that we have heard about from our members.

Civic Address:  492 Locust Street, unit 1
Burlington, ON
L7S 1V2
Postal Address:  492 Locust Street, unit 1
Burlington, ON
L7S 1V2
Website:   Visit our Website
E-mail:   Contact Us
Phone:   905 631-6666
Category:  Charities


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