Tempel provides magnetic steel laminations used in electrical motors, transformer and electrical steel coils used in progressive and notched stamping of laminations. Tempel is the largest independent stamper of laminations and added value products in the world with annual sales in excess of $450 million. Tempel is a manufacture of cold rolled annealed, grain-oriented, non-oriented silicon steel laminations and helical wound, DG (Distributed Gap), toroidal, welded or inter-locked motor and transformer lamination cores. Tempel provides added value services of rotor aluminum/copper die-casting, insulation /shaft insertion, epoxy coating, TIG/MIG/Plasma/Laser welding of cores. Tempel manufactures laminations used a wide range of applications including AC/DC motors, standby/wind generators, traction drives, linear motors, axial gap motors; EI/current/distribution/power transformers; automotive ignition/alternator cores, fuel pumps/window/seat regulator/windshield wiper motors, hybrid electric drive motor and generator cores. Information is available on the corporation, divisions and locations world wide (United States, Canada, Mexico, China, and India). Product catalog is available for standard imperial and metric EI transformer and motor laminations.

Civic Address:  5045 North Service Road
Burlington, ON
L7L 5H6
Postal Address:  5045 North Service Road
Burlington, ON
L7L 5H6
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Phone:   905-335-2530
Fax:   9053358474
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