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Miner: (‘mine’) to burrow beneath the surface – ('miner'): noun.
Thought: To exercise the powers of judgment, conception, or inference.

MinerThought’s goal is to open the eyes, minds and hearts of our clients and their customers with original content and visual communications. With nearly a decade of experience MinerThought can help you expand your company's message with the style that only experienced commercial artists and marketing professionals can accomplish.

We focus on creative marketing strategies built to offer guidance and clarification. A marriage of creativity and business dialogue that takes our client's needs seriously, yet allows us to offer our experience and knowledge. Communicating our clients message as well as helping them evolve as they grow along side the rest of the commercial world is were we succeed. We can often be - difficult like only a family member can be - but it is that same honesty and passion that keep our clients coming back. Simply put, we are the bridge that connects what your business has to say, to how your audience understands it. We focus on outward thinking and alternative methods of creative development to answer business solutions.

Located in Southern Ontario, our clientele are world wide. We have industry experience with major and minor brands under the sure hand of Todd Lawson our Creative Director and owner that include retail, marine, retail, wholesale, audio, educational, not-for-profit, publishing, government, healthcare, sports, fashion and more.


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