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The Life-Cycle Approach: Smart IT Asset Management

In an era of rising IT architectural complexity, IT asset management has been identified by groups such as Gartner Research as an absolutely crucial practice for businesses of all sizes.

What is The Life-Cycle Approach?

Best-practice IT asset management involves a full consideration of the complete life cycle of your business’s IT assets, a cycle that includes five distinct stages:


A well-considered life-cycle approach to IT asset acquisition and management can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your company’s hardware, software, and total information infrastructure. By treating IT asset management as an ongoing process rather than an occasional task, IT professionals with a life-cycle perspective examine the total lifespan of their equipment, and make plans and allowances for each distinctive phase.

TCO, Procurement, Disposal and Asset Recovery

At OEM Corporation, we are up to date on the issues faced by companies today concerning Procurement and Asset recovery. This process occurs during the first and last phase of an asset’s life cycle. OEM can supply your company with recertified or refurbished HP, Ricoh, Canon, IBM, Dell, Lexmark, Synnex and Toshiba hardware that will handle your company’s requirements while also optimizing your current IT assets at the end of their lifespan. Keeping a balance between these two phases will produce the most cost-effective method. At OEM we will assist you in identifying the value of your hardware and how you can reduce the TCO of your IT assets while increasing your company’s ROI.

WE BUY Technology Assets!

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Let OEM help with your Technology Assets planning and procurement.

Asset Recovery Services

What is asset recovery?

In the high-paced information environment in which we work today, technology demands to be refreshed every few years. To stay competitive, many businesses “roll out” new office equipment (such as servers or networking equipment) quite frequently. Thus, they often have surplus hardware.

What’s more, the lifespans of these businesses themselves (as well as individual branches or locations) are also uncertain. When a store or office closes, technology assets usually need to be liquidated: these assets often include hardware like Copiers, Printers, Servers, and computer equipment.

So what happens to all this slightly obsolete (or unnecessary), though perfectly functioning, hardware? Generally, one of three things: some of it may be trashed, some of it may be donated, and some of it may be remarketed or resold.
That’s where we come in. At OEM, we provide business-to-business asset recovery solutions. Need to sell obsolete or surplus technology? Let is help! Need to buy used or refurbished equipment for your company? We do that too!

We are a full-service, one-stop source for all your used/refurbished hardware buying and selling needs.

Computer Asset Recovery (Versus Disposal) Disposing of computers and other office technology equipment in a safe and responsible manner can often get expensive. Rather than paying someone to get rid of your old technology assets, why not put them to work?

We buy used laptops, desktops, servers, and much more (all in large quantities). We have several ways of acquiring your surplus hardware: through cash purchases, consignment, and equipment exchange. Contact one of our representatives today for more information.

Technology Assets

Those old servers and routers your company owns all have value. OEM will help you recover your technology assets and get a return on your original investment. The process starts with a quick and easy market valuation that will give you a sense of how much you stand to gain from our asset recovery service. It just might surprise you!


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